Everybody poops

I went to visit a school today to promote the Summer Reading Program and to talk about some high interest books to get the kids interested in before they leave school for the summer and none of them pick up a book again before September.  I didn’t take the book Everyone Poops, since I was visiting 1st and 2nd grade classrooms, although I did mention moths that camouflage themselves by having wings spots that look like bird poop splotches.  Play to your audience, I always say.

The best part of the visit was when one of the 1st graders got so excited about the idea of reading that he started a litany:  “I love to read!  I read at breakfast, I read at lunch if my mom lets me, I read at dinner, I read when I go to the bathroom!”

When you work with things that people from the “public” touch, let alone take out of the building and bring back, you like to fool yourself into thinking that they come back pristine and germ free and that they NEVER come into contact with ANYTHING that has been in ANY bathroom ANYWHERE  (I’ve never read a book on the pot, of course, certainly not a library book.  Ahem.  But since I poop rainbows there would be no harm if I did do it, is all I’m saying).  It is hard to fool yourself when you find things like bacon used as a bookmark, but I’ve taken advanced classes in denial, which helps with longer term delusions (see also: every relationship I’ve had in the last 4 years).


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